100 Word Challenge September 21, 2020

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Remember, type your prompt as a google doc first. Do not paste it in as a comment until you are sure it is complete, titled correctly, proofread for spelling, capital letters, grammar, and punctuation, and is between 95-105 words! Then post your comment! This week, there’s a problem! Hmmmmm….why should they never have said yes?????

(make sure to include this phrase somewhere in your prompt. It can be the start of a sentence, in the middle of a sentence, or at the end of a sentence)

they never should have said yes…

13 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge September 21, 2020

  1. MAX Sept.23


    Once there were two kids, Max and Braylin they were best friends. One day they went to school and it was fine. But then there were kids that dared them to go into a cave that a bear lived in. Max had said yes. But as they went into the cave Max started to think “I should never have said yes.” But now there was no turning back. When they got to the end there was a bear big and scary. But Max did not stop, he could sense in the bear that the bear wanted a friend so they lived happily ever after.

  2. 100 wc Ella September-21

    Once upon a time there was this daredevil named El Tamerio. And one day Tamerio had this “great” idea to fly over an erupting volcano in a hang glider! So he went to his dad and mom for permission. His parents agreed to this crazy idea. So he went to his home to get all suited up. And then he got all strapped into his hang glider and off he went. When he was right over the volcano all he thought was “What a beautiful view!” And then “BOOM!” They never should have said yes.

  3. 100wc 9-24-2020 Bray

    One time these kids named Jack and Alicia were walking to their high school.Once they got to school they saw their best friends. They went to them and Jack said”hey guys how are you”they said “fine you?”.Their friends said they were going to a party but Jack and Alicia knew their mom wouldn’t let them go but they said yes.They should have never said yes.Later that night they planned to sneak out when their mom was asleep.They had gotten out and started their car but they got caught by their mom their mom yelled “get in here”.

  4. 100 WC September 24 Elli

    Once upon a time there was a girl named Shasha. She was a very smart girl with a lot of good grades. The only bad thing about her was her parents because they would never let her go to sleepovers. One day a girl at Shasha’s school asked her if she wanted to come to her sleepover Shasha said yes. The next day Shasha asked her parents. Her parents said yes only because it was almost her birthday they should have never said yes. The next day Shasha went over, they were all running around then “crack” Shasha trip and broke her arm.

  5. Olivia 100wc 9/24/2020

    One day me and my family had to watch this little kid named Sam. He was around three years old and he was so cute.
    We were driving home but then Sam said can we blow some bubbles. Of course my family said yes. But then I realized that we do not have any bubbles. So we went to the store and got some. When we got home we opened them up and we started blowing. We blew so many bubbles the whole world was filled. And they were not popping. They never should have said yes. Now the whole world was filled with bubbles.

  6. Matti 100 Word Challenge Thursday, September 24, 2020
    One day there was a couple the wife’s name was Marry and the husband was named Mike.They needed a home so they found a house the women that was the owner was happy to give them her house and her bed.When they moved in they went up stairs but the stairs broke and then the bathtub fell through the selling.And when they went to bed there bed legs broke.In the morning ther friends came over the first one said “This place is a mess!!!” The second guy said “They should have never said yes to buying this house.”

  7. 100WC September 24 Cera

    When the old man offered a baby kitten we should have never said yes.The kitten keeped scratching the couch instead of her scratching post we got her.She claws at our feet at night.Makes a huge mess with her food.Jumps on the counter and eats the leftovers.Leaves us lots of puke to clean up.We have to go to the store every two days.When we leave the house we come back to find that we have to do hours of cleaning to do.When is this kitten going to grow up?We should have sold her.

  8. 100WC Jake Sept. 24

    One day Girl named Daisy was at her house and this girl had overprotective parents. The reason her parents are overprotective is when she was a baby she was on a walk with her parents and she wandered off and almost got lost, this scared her parent so much they were so cautious when Daisy wanted to go out with her friends Daisy really hated this because sense Daisy’s parents alway no said people never invited her anymore. One day Daisy got invited to Urban air and her parents let her go but when she was there she got hurt they never should have said yes. The overprotective parents
    The overprotective parents 100wc

  9. 100WC September 24, Thien

    One day there was a wizard family that was greedy, one day they met a witch the witch said do you want a strong power, the family was not so sure what the power was but they think until they all knew what they would want, they all detected to get the power and so the witch gave them the power and a couple of month later the power that they have was beginning to do something weird, each day the power makes them disappear slowly until one day they were gone forever. Now that’s why they never should have said yes.

  10. 100WC sept 24 Chace.
    A few things you may not know about Minecraft 1.16! I’m pretty sure if you jump then sneak in midair you can fit through one block spaces and half block spaces! You can barder piglins, drop some gold on the ground, and they take it and drop a reward on the ground. Be quick, though! (they should have never said yes to the piglins, I liked zombie pigman better…) if you have warped fungus on a stick, (just like a carrot on a stick) and a saddle, you can ride striders across lava!!!

  11. 100WC
    September 25
    One day a long time ago in a land filled with dinosaurs and dragons a little kid and his sister were playing outside. They heard something behind them and saw a little black hole dragon baby. He was hurt so the kids hid and waited to see if the baby dragons parents came back. The parents never came back so the kids took the baby dragon to there parents and asked if they could keep him. There parents said yes.The baby dragon grows up and destroys everything. The parents got so frustrated they said they never should have said yes.

  12. A doll for sale and I wanted it he said do you want it for free and I said yes so I grabbed it Emperor exchange I give to my little bracelet so I went home and I played with her and clean her up and give her a bath because she did not smell very good but then I play with the doll and just her up but then weird things in the nighttime started moving around then I didn’t know why so I just thought I was a cat control I thought it was then a day after a day after. I seen her movie.I should have never said yes to the doll.

  13. One day this family was walking around town. And they saw a house and this boy said “come inside this house with me.” So they did go into the house. It was a haunted house. They freaked out. Then they realized they never should have said yes. Then they started to run and got out of there before the scary stuff happened. Then they started to walk to the store they made it.

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